'True Blood' Recap: 'Gone, Gone, Gone'

Eric's gone Sanguinista, Russell's gone rogue and Hoyt's gone for good (we think) after the latest episode of "True Blood." Here's what went down?and who skipped town?on last night's visit to Bon Temps.

The Wild Fortenberry
For once, "True Blood" appears to have lost a character to something other than supernatural homicide: Hoyt, fresh from his ordeal at the hate group pig farm, has made the sensible choice to leave Bon Temps for the Alaskan wilds. The only thing he needs is a little push in the direction of moving on, courtesy of a nice vampire-issue memory-wipe. Hoyt's request?that he be glamoured into forgetting Jess, Jason and all the pain they've caused him?is met with distress by all parties involved, but Jess relents and does it. And it's really, really sad, particularly when Jason meets Hoyt on his way out of town and sobs at how fully he's been forgotten by his beloved bro bestie. (Meanwhile, Hoyt landed in Alaska and was immediately mauled to death by the vampires from "30 Days of Night." Probably.) Read More...



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