Breaking Bad “Dead Freight” Review

Coming off of an emotionally scarring episode, Breaking Bad decided to lighten the mood with an old-fashioned caper episode. However, Breaking Bad refuses to keep the mood light for the entire duration of an episode. I had roughly the same reaction as Jesse to the successful heist ("Yeah, bitch!"), and the death of the boy on the dirtbike (Few people are better at expressing emotion than Aaron Paul). Once again, Gilligan and the gang did a great job of ratcheting up our spirits with the mounting tension of the episode only to completely crush our spirits in the very last moment.

That last sentence certainly isn’t a complaint. It’s where we are in the evolution of the show. However, the way the show had set up the hour, it seemed like we were going to have our first "fun" hour of televisionsince "Yeah, bitch! MAGNETS!" The gang faces a seemingly impossible problem and manages to come up with an elaborate plan that enables them to solve the problem. However, unlike the premiere episode, the joy of overcoming the issue is short-lived when Landry from Friday Night Lights puts down the kid on the dirtbike. It’s an absolutely horrific scene that punches every viewer in the gut. That will teach us to enjoy ourselves on Vince Gilligan’s watch. Read More... 


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