Political Animals “16 Hours” Review – Sometimes We All Need a Little Rescuing

In this episode of Political Animals, called "16 Hours," Elaine deals with a family crisis and a nationalcrisis, and a few people bond and share secrets.

After Elaine fights hard to get a rescue crew sent down to the Chinese sub, some people in their government make an awful threat to release the warheads. As if this wasn’t enough to have on her plate, Elaine also has a son in the hospital and she is struggling to share her time between the two crises. I thought that she balanced both situations really well and I kind of love the fact that she threw Susan the sub story as a bone to keep her off of TJ. Maybe some would criticize that but I saw it as a sign of an extremely devoted mother.

While Elaine and Bud share duty of watching over and protecting TJ (Bud’s method of protecting involving his fists), everyone else does what they need to do to help TJ in their own way. Those ways also bring about some bonding in places we may not have expected.

Granny and Ann getting high while cleaning out TJ’s drug stash was hilarious and also touching in parts, and I was very happy to finally have a scene where Ann didn’t annoy me Turns out Ann hasn’t been hiding her bulimia as well as she thought and I hope that Margaret’s words will encourage her to find help. Read More....



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