True Blood “Gone, Gone, Gone” Review

Gone, gone, gone is exactly how I would describe Mr. Compton these days.

Season 5 of True Blood continued this week with more drama for the vampires, fairies and shifters. Aside from poor Emma, the wolves were missing in action.


Poor Molly. Thanks to her escape attempt last week and lack of political clout, the Authority determined that she was of no further use and not worth saving. After using her last words to speak her mind, she met the true death thanks to her nifty iStake app. I’m sure that moment was good for Bill, after having his own experience with the scary contraption. As expected, the group showed some cracks in the foundation thanks to Russell and Talbot 2.0. While the rest of the Authority worked on their plot for world domination, he preferred to get some "Greek" takeout with Steve courtesy of a college fraternity house. This conflict really appears to boil down to a choice of drug. The devoted Authority members (excluding Eric from this entire discussion), would prefer to get high on bath salts Lilith. Russell, however, had a taste of the sun courtesy of Sookie. Despite his first attempt at walking in the sun not ending so well thanks to a bit of duplicity by Eric, it is clear that Russell can’t shake that brief taste he got. As the eldest vampire in the group, he declared his intentions to go rogue and pursue more fairy blood. Read More... 


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