'The Closer's' Kyra Sedgwick: There's 'a grieving and a mourning that has to be honored'

Zap2it: Now that it's the end of the road for you with "The Closer," are you satisfied that the audience has rolled with the punches of everything you've gone through as police interrogator Brenda Leigh Johnson?Kyra Sedgwick: Oh, yeah, for sure. I remember the first year, people would say, "She's kind of a b****," ... but as they got to know her more, I never heard that anymore. I think they really liked the fact that she was a powerful woman who wasn't apologizing for being powerful, and a woman who would do anything to be an advocate for the victim.She became more morally ambiguous, and some of the things she did were tougher to swallow, but I think there was a lot of good will toward her at that point.RELATED: Our favorite female TV crime-solversZap2it: How difficult has it been to separate from fellow actors and a creative team that you've been with for...



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