'Bachelor Pad': Starting a collection for Jamie Otis' therapy


When we last left the fine folks of the "Bachelor Pad," David is the last fan standing, while Ed is kind of a raging alcoholic and Chris is hooking up with everything that moves. Post EliminationEd and Jaclyn drunkenly slur things at each other and then Jaclyn mixes some metaphors about a scale of 1-10 and Cloud 9. On a scale of one to 10, those two don't have five brain cells between them. Meanwhile, Jamie's sweating things a bit because really the only ally she has in the house is David, who is probably no long for the "Bachelor Pad" world if he doesn't win the challenge.Then Chris Harrison stops by and they all have to fill out a survey about each other. Glassy-eyed Jaclyn sways on her feet as she tries to remember how to write, while Kalon smirks like he's still some kind of villain instead of an empty suit. This is...



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