Grimm 2.01 "Bad Teeth" Review

The first season finale of Grimm ended up quelling much of the enthusiasm I had for the next season. It wasn't a bad episode on its own merits, revealing that Nick's mother didn't actually die and playing up Hank's paranoia, but it was anticlimactic after half a season of building toward...something. Promises of war didn't come to fruition and the finale ended up being a whole lot of set-up that backtracked on some of its forward momentum (e.g. Nick telling Juliette about his "other life" and then she falls into a coma, likely forgetting everything) and made me second guess a lot of the show's progress. Grimm improved during the back half of its season through expanding its universe and amping up the stakes for Detective Nick Burkhardt, but was it ready to take things to the next level? Read More...


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