Bunheads Review: Hold The Joe Please

The title of the hour, "No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons," was about the opening of a new grocery story, if I'm not mistaken. It wasn't even a direct quote, but it had something to do with the need for all the conveniences found in one store instead of spending your entire day in 47 different quirky shops to accomplish the most mundane tasks. Things that the rest of us in the United States obviously take for granted, like getting stamps and a cup of coffee at the same time, and in under 10 minutes.

Be real. Nobody in their right mind is going to stand in line reading a book while some ass first plucks and then smells each individual coffee bean to brew the perfect cup. Ever. I don't care if one sip makes gold sprout out of your ears. You might stand in the line once, but in this fast paced society the place would go under. Read More...



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