Bunheads 1.09 "No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons" Review

When Bunheads debuted in June, the line in the sand seemed pretty clear. Everything with Michelle and Fanny after the death of Hubbell was raw, painful, and emotionally well done, while everything with the four little bunheads was...not. It's not that their material was so horrible or that any of the girls were poor actresses; it was just that we didn't know them and their storylines felt extraneous, especially since they didn't connect to anything Michelle was doing until halfway through the season. For a show centered so squarely on loss and the value of being able to pick yourself up, dedicating a fair amount of time to four girls that had nothing to do with the main plot in any way was an unusual move, but one that would pay off eventually.

And here it is. The bunheads had been growing on me and in "No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons", they were the stars, their plotlines easily eclipsing Michelle's and their screen time much more important-feeling. Even though having a bunch of teenage girls arguing and stressing about boys might seem a little trite, having the seeds planted for the past few weeks gave their anger a lot more payoff than it would have had otherwise. Boo's storyline, in particular, felt painfully realistic, as she let her friends' opinion of Carl get in the way of her feelings, spent most of the episode trying to make it up to him, and eventually upset him with her reaction to Ginny liking Charlie. (Not for nothing, Ginny actually having to confront her feelings for Charlie and try to learn what having a real crush felt like was the right amount of quirk for the show, though the secondhand embarrassment and over the top physical comedy muted the impact of that interesting dynamic.) The about-face from Carl may have been abrupt, considering the obviously euphoric joy that Boo's presence filled him with last week, but it made sense, at least to me. He had been made fun of pretty relentlessly by her friends and Boo didn't do anything to stand up for him, so he (being a teenage boy) decided that his pride wasn't worth it and withdrew. That makes the additional beating his heart took after Boo's outburst that much more heartbreaking and something that will make for interesting material for the finale. Read More...



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