Teen Wolf Season 2 Finale “Master Plan” Review

Gerard – you better be dead. How dare you harm Stiles?!?! Stiles – it may be time to hit the gym or take some self-defense classes, buddy. A dying, 90-year-old man should not be able to make such easy work of you!

Season 2 of Teen Wolf has come to an end and my Monday nights will not be the same – until season 3 premieres in 2013. The finale picked up with the post-lacrosse game mayhem. Stiles went from lacrosse game hero to the Argent family basement with Boyd and Erica. I don’t know what I love more – Issac/Scottpairing up to save everyone or the relationship between the Stilinskis. Why choose? I love both aspects of the show and I’m glad that all four survived the finale, so that we may have more to look forward to next season. Read More...



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