Bunheads Summer Finale Sneak Peeks: The Evil Rat Dance

Fanny's production of The Nutcracker hasn't been going all that well this year. The lack of a dancer capable of filling in for Sasha has made an already poor show season (the cancellation of the Rogers/Astaire showcase) that much poorer; the show can't do all the little things without having a Clara, so everything's currently at a standstill until some decision can be made. On the summer finale of Bunheads, titled "A Nutcracker in Paradise", we have our Clara.

And another Clara.

Sasha's back on the dance floor after her time in cheerleading, which is a bit of a surprise. You knew that she'd be back fairly soon, though her relief from being away from Fanny, her love for her "secret sister", and the less strenuous demands on her time and physicality seemed like they'd keep her out of the fold a bit longer. (Perhaps she got tired of faking the pep? Or wanted to do something to challenge herself more?) But that's only one part of the equation. We don't know if Fanny will want her back or if either of them will be able to swallow their pride and squash their little beef. And there's the whole matter of the "clean-up" dancer called in by Fanny to replace her once-star pupil, a dancer that doesn't look ready to give up such a plum role anytime soon. Read More...



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