'Teen Wolf' Season 3: 10 things to expect from showrunner Jeff Davis


This week's "Teen Wolf" Season 2 finale was an unrelenting, action-packed episode -- almost every character experienced a dramatic change of direction, whether it was in terms of their alliances, their love lives, their enemies, or their actual identity. If you're like us, you probably had plenty of questions by the time the episode ended. Luckily, showrunner Jeff Davis has got all the answers as to what to expect from Season 3. We can't give away too many spoilers, but we did grill Davis for every bit of information we could possibly squeeze out of him. He's almost finished breaking the story for the third season and will get together with his writing team very soon to begin work on the show. Season 3 isn't set to premiere until 2013, but hopefully these 10 tidbits will help tide you over until you can dig into the real thing.1. Jackson's eyes are blue for a reason....



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