Pretty Little Liars 3.10 Review - The Liars' Usual Suspects Are Suspects No More... Or Are They?

Sorry, Liars! Time to reconfigure your suspect wall and the theories to go with it, because tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars knocked not one, but three persons of interest off your radar. At this rate, no one in Rosewood is worth trusting. Not even the four Liars themselves. Also, while that little reveal at the end of the episode was everything, there were a lot of other side stories moving nicely along that didn't drag the main 'A' storyline of the night.

The "A" Files: Maya and Her Cyber Breadcrumbs

After cleaning out her porch with Ashley, Hanna came across an old letter written by Maya, who left it for Emily on the night she was murdered. The note asked Emily to meet Maya somewhere, but the Liars couldn't make out the place due to the note being deteriorated. Hanna, spooked out her wits and frustrated that she can't get back with Caleb until 'A' is put down, decided to take matters into her own hands by scouring Maya's website to find clues to where Maya wanted to meet Emily. After an extensive search and some keen eyes of Emily, the girls noticed that Maya took several pictures of Noel Kahn's cabin, the scene of last week's Truth or Dare between Spencer, Jenna, Aria, and Noel. Read More...


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