The L.A. Complex Review: Raquel's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

It's always a good day when more people on The L.A. Complex have sex than attempt suicide or burn themselves with teapots.  In "Taking the Day," the ratio was a little close, but let's be grateful everyone just barely managed to survive the day.  Who had it the worst?  I'd like to nominate Raquel for that honor.  Not only did she spend the night in jail, but she was rejected by Connor, and hit even lower than rock bottom by agreeing to sign on to the fictional equivalent of Celebrity Rehab entitled Celebrity Halfway-House

Yes, she was irresponsible with her drinking.  Yes, she pushed Connor away and said really terrible things to him.  And yes, she missed her call time.  But the reason why Raquel had the worst day ever, even while being mostly responsible for all of these things, is because Raquel is self aware enough to realize that she's made a ton of mistakes and is now being forced to pay for each one.  Without Connor around to throw the blame on, Raquel is left with just herself.  Correction: she's left with herself and a drink in hand.  Read More...


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