Pretty Little Liars Preview: Paige's Past Comes Back to Haunt Her

Hanna was determined to dig digger into Maya's secret website in this week's Pretty Little Liars.  This eventually led Hanna and Maya to Noel Khan's cabin because Maya had visited it before she died.  What did they find?  A bag belonging to Maya, complete with a knife and some mementos belonging to Alison. They also found quite a scare when someone trapped them in the cabin.  After escaping, Emily met up with Maya's cousin to give him some of Maya's things.  This led to a heated kiss witnessed by Paige, who seems very upset about this turn of events.

Meanwhile, Spencer's snooping resulted in security footage from Noel's cabin the night that Maya died.  What did it reveal?  Maya was at the cabin that night, as were Noel and Jenna.  The footage also revealed that Garrett wasn't actually the last person to see Maya alive.  In fact, Jenna, Noel and Garrett couldn't have possibly killed Maya.  And Ezra delivered a bombshell when he told Aria that he finally found Maggie, the girl who disappeared from his life a long time ago. Read More...


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