Big Brother Spoilers 8/15 - Poor Poor ____!

CBS called it the real life Big Bang Theory hook up, Ashley and Ian;  A lot of Big Brother fans called it a sham for the cam. Whatever you call it, it's over now because a new Showmance has kicked off that was consummated with some heavy petting and smooching that makes Danielle and Shane's fraud-mance look like longing glances across the church aisle.  I'm talking Frank and Ashley.

The feeds have been pretty barren as far inside dirt on the game goes, thanks mostly to Joe being the only person to have voted against the HOH this week.  Frank has already said in Diary that if anything he's going to try to backdoor Dan with or without Boogie's blessing, but Joe is the obvious target and anyone who thinks anything exciting and twisty will come from tomorrow's Live Evictions episode on Big Brother is fooling themselves, unless of course you are talking about HOH.  Imagine if Dan or Shane win HOH?  I would think Frank and Boogie would be on the block and no veto could save them. Read More...


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