'Big Brother 14' Frank: 'Mike, Dan and I ... have formed a core alliance'

Things have been mighty uneventful in the "Big Brother 14" house this week, though Frank's HOH blog doesn't jibe exactly with what's been happening on the live feeds. Keep reading to find out why.Frank writes in his HOH blog:Hello again everyone in the Big Brother Fandom!!! This is the comeback kid coming atcha, but don't call it a comeback!! ...Mike, Dan and I, despite Dan originally trying to get me out, have formed a core alliance within the silent six (Dan, Danielle, Brittany, Shane, Boogie, and myself). I just hope I'm making a good decision and trusting the right people for now. This house can play mind games on you, and the people you trust the most one day might be the people you trust the least the next and vise versa. Ex-coach Boogs and I seem to have a pretty good thing going, I just hope its as concrete as he says, because we...



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