Necessary Roughness “Might As Well Face It” Review

Anyone who thought that TK would come through his near-death experience without a foray into drugs,prescription or otherwise, is either blissfully optimistic or crippingly naive. In this week’s episode ofNecessary Roughness, "Might As Well Face It," Dani finally caught on to the obvious problem, but her efforts to help TK were thwarted by Matt, who really should have known better and done better by his star athlete.

I get that there are rules about drug tests, but I really don’t think Dani was making a massive leap when she told Matt that TK was using. As she pointed out, it’s kind of her job to know that sort of thing. So I have to conclude that Matt’s insistence on sticking to the union code for drug tests had more to do with the possibility of losing his team’s star to rehab right before the season started and less to do with actually caring whether or not a random drug test of his company’s employees violated their civil rights. Because in my book, using the rules to shield someone with a drug problem is just as bad as writing them a bad prescription. Read More... 


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