Futurama: "Near-Death Wish" Review


At this point in the series, Futurama is somewhat renowned for its familial installments, exploring the background of even the most inconsequential characters. This week, however, we finally met the ancient couple responsible for Professor Farnsworth, thanks to the prying Fry (and the ever knowledgable Zoidberg).

Of course, as we all know, the only place an old geezer could possibly be after reaching the age of 160 is the Near-Death Star. Hence, we paid another visit to the 31 century's answer to retirement homes. While it was fun to see some of the facility's virtual reality features, the best part of this sequence had to be Leela's Matrix-inspired explanation for human battery power. Even better was the payoff, with Farnsworth's parents fueling their getaway vehicle. Read More...



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