Sword Art Online Episode #02 Anime Review

Well, aren’t we off to an invigorating and exciting start? A month has passed. 2000 people are dead. The first floor boss hasn’t even been located yet. Thanks evil bastard game creator. And thanks original author. You’ve done a lot to make me want to continue this show…uh maybe not.

But I will persevere for the moment. They are holding a meeting to decide how to proceed. A player who considers himself something of a knight, Diabel, announces that he and his party have located the boss room at the top of the first floor tower. So, he proposes that the entire group who attended the meeting work together to take down the boss. They will form parties of six to take on the beast, since it’s too powerful for single players to tackle by themselves. Of course, Kirito this whole time has been a solo player, so he’s kind of left out of things. Looking around, he sees a cloaked figure off near the rear of the meeting, and so he goes up to the person (yes, it’s clear that it’s a she, and that she’s the female we’ve seen in the promotional materials and in the opening to the show) and asks about teaming up. Her name is Asuna. Read More...



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