Sword Art Online Episode #04 Anime Review

So, it looks like the time stamps are going to play a role in my reviews, we will need to keep track of time. It’s February 23, 2024, Floor 35 and we see a party that is breaking up. A little girl, Silica, is having an argument with an adult woman and it escalates into a party-splitting spat. Off goes the little girl (this is probably not a good thing to do in a place called "The Lost Forest." Can we get anything more telegraphed?). Silica is not a powerless character (level 44), but she soon finds herself alone (with only a flying pet thing that doesn’t seem to fight) and faced with powerful monsters. She’s also lost a lot of hit points. About to die, her pet, Pina, sacrifices itself to save her. As the monsters are about to deliver the death blow, none other than Kirito appears. Read More...



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