Moretsu Pirates Episode #02 Anime Review

After a fun first episode that laid out some decent groundwork but didn’t get to the push point until the very end with Marika being chased after, Moretsu Pirates gets itself underway more strongly here with the second episode, though it does have some good quiet moments as well. With Kurihara spiriting her away, she’s able to fill in some of the blanks in a small way, pointing out who all it was that was in the restaurant and just how difficult of a situation she was in without realizing it. It all comes down to the main point though in that all these different groups are watching her to see if she’ll take on the role of captain of the Bentenmaru. She’s still not really up to speed on this part though and it hasn’t quite registered in a way that connects for her. But isn’t that what mothers are for? Read More... 


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