Moretsu Pirates Episode #05 Anime Review

The Odette II arc has been an interesting part of the series to watch as it’s very relaxed and laid back even as they deal with some potential real problems. The fact that there’s an incorrectly identified ship out there certainly has them on their toes, especially since it’s supposedly a ghost ship of sorts that was lost some time ago. While that plays out in an almost background fashion, the real fun has been watching the crew really come together well in a natural and simple way to do the jobs that they’re there to do. It’s far more professional than one might imagine, but at the same time it’s not something where you’d bring silly kids along to do this. These are the kids that want this and know how to act appropriately while on board. They do have some fun moments here and there though and act like young adults so it’s not completely stiff or boring. It’s more with all the girls than anything else, but there’s almost no focus on the young men that are on board. Read More... 


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