Moretsu Pirates Episode #06 Anime Review

After the fun that was the Odette II storyline in the past couple of episodes, it’s a bit odd to be back on the planet again with Marika being very girlish in a high school kind of way. While she excelled at what she did in space, it didn’t quite register to her what she was actually doing in a way to become a pirate captain. While she had hoped to go back to a bit of fun, she’s ctually got a lot of things to go through to become a legal pirate captain. Paperwork is the bane of everything even when you’re a pirate and that means lots and lots of paperwork, places to go and people to see. It’s a cute little montage piece that works nicely to showcase a bit more of the world and to imprint on her the overall seriousness of it and that it is very much a legal thing once she gets her letter of marque. Read More... 


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