Louie Recap: Silly C.K.

"We can't have a show where everybody just says whatever because it's cute," Louie yelped in a season two episode that briefly sent up C.K.'s painful real-life experience making HBO's Lucky Louie. With an episode like "Dad," one has to wonder if replacing the word cute with silly or some equivalent would nullify the gripe for C.K. and turn it into a mantra. "We can have a show where everybody just says and does whatever because it's absurd — sometimes, at least."

Flashes of the ridiculous have abounded in Louie's two-point-six seasons — a date ditching Louie via helicopter; a duckling halting an encroaching military firefight; a crazed hobo's dismembered head flumping down the street after he's accidentally launched into traffic; a dog changing into another dog during a marijuana binge; a tryst between Louie and Joan Rivers. The moments have accumulated so precipitously that, while writing and talking about Louie, I know to keep a hat nearby stocked with mostly interchangeable words like wacky, absurd, bananas, and yes, the anchor, silly. One or two can usually get me through an episode. But with so many instances crammed into the single installment that was "Dad," it feels worthwhile to step back and wonder whether this was Louie at peak ludicrousness. I was wrong to see the title and expect a story mirroring something as heavy and filmic as season one's similarly bluntly titled "God." So, so wrong. Read More...



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