Saving Hope “Bea, Again” Review

After an extended Olympic hiatus, Saving Hope has once again returned to our television screens. Will the show have an interesting return following its plug-pulling cliffhanger? Will anyone ever check on the mental health of Dr. Joel Goran? Will I be able to write a review of the show without offending anyone? Frankly, I’m on pins and needles to find out. Let’s get to it.

The issues surrounding the un-ventilated Charlie’s breathing were at the forefront this week, but I found myself more drawn in by Goran’s storyline this week. I don’t think I mean that as a compliment. The idea behind the patient’s story was fascinating and deserving of a large chunk of its own episode. Unfortunately, the writers decide to shoehorn it into an episode that they had to know was going to be hugely Charlie-centric. Therefore, instead of an extended treatment process where Goran slowly earns the patient’s trust before having her confront the death of her husband. Instead, Goran briefly struggles with issues of faith before concluding that her mind is using pain as a way to distract it from the loss of her husband. After resisting dealing with the issue for more than two years, Joel Goran, MD is able to break her down in 2 minutes. Much like many of the stories involving Goran this season, there was a good story in there somewhere, but the writers didn’t see fit to cultivate it. Read More... 


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