Suits (USA) “Asterisk” Review – Will He or Won’t He?

In this episode of Suits, called "Asterisk," Louis gets something that he’s always wanted, Harvey and Jessica have to swallow their pride and Mike is hit with devastating news.

Ah Louis. The guy who’s been looked over for years and treated like a joke at the firm finally gets the thing he’s wanted more than anything. But at what price? I mean I really like Louis but he does leave me conflicted a lot of the time. He can be a real jerk which makes me want to smack him, but he also makes some good points sometimes. When he and Harvey go at it, I feel like a mom trying to choose sides between her children. Which is probably an inappropriate simile given that my feelings for both Harvey and Louis are anything BUT motherly – seeing as how I find them both totally hot, especially when they’re fighting – but it was the best comparison I could make. Read More... 


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