Poyopoyo Episode #02 Anime Review

Well, not really a recap in the proper sense, but the show in its second episode gives us a quick look at the events of the first episode with how Poyo made her entrance into the Sato household after Moe’s drunken night on the town. Poyo definitely fits into the household as we saw previously and this episode works to cement her position there a bit more and to get us to see how the other family members are adapting since it’s all from Moe’s view. Hide in particular is comical because as Moe’s brother, we see that he’s essentially the same as the cat as the two just get on each other’s nerves easily and have many of the same patterns, from how the sleep to how they breathe and more. Hide’s definitely some good comedy material here and his constant grating with Poyo is a very fun spot. The same can be said of Papa Sato in a different way as we get to hear more of his legendary strength here, which is well paired with the way his facial design is done. Seeing him lifting all the seedbeds when his son can handle only a few makes you grin, but even more so when you see him doing it when he leans over and Poyo gets on his back and decides to nap there. His legend only grows and grows and grows…



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