Poyopoyo Episode #03 Anime Review

Making edible Poyo’s is kind of a cute idea and definitely something a lot of pet owners can get into, so when Moe makes some buns with chocolate icing that looks like Poyo, it doesn’t take long for her brother to start cutting into one of them, though he doesn’t realize it’s really Poyo and not the bun. That’s something that has a bit of fun to play with and of course her brother causes plenty of the issues. Moe also gets to showcase the kinds of friends that Poyo has been making since getting there, such as the young cat named Kurobe that views Poyo as a mother figure of sorts since he tries to get milk from her. Naturally, that doesn’t work so Kurobe then tries to just mount Poyo, which in itself is very comical simply because of the appearance Poyo has and the way the mounting goes. It’s brief but it was a lasting memory… 



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