Poyopoyo Episode #04 Anime Review

Poyopoyo actually spends a bit of its time expanding the cast which is rather cute and fun as we get to see others that fill out the Sato family’s life. Enough so that Poyo only factors into the show a little, which feels weird to say since the episode is barely three minutes long. Poyo’s first instance is freaking out Kurobe’s owner a bit as the old lady thinks she’s turned the cat into a basket somehow. The other is a really fun little piece when Papa Sato brings Poyo to the farmer’s market and Poyo ends up doing them all a big favor that has to be kept secret. Papa Sato continues to be a delight with his personality. The show also expands on the younger set a bit as we get a look at one of Hide’s classmates who has an obsession with Moe, which in turn means he likes everything about her to a near creepy level, and we also get to see a potential love interest for Hide that could make for some decent comedy. Read More...



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