Poyopoyo Episode #05 Anime Review

It’s the New Years time period and the big event of the day is the bean throwing event. This gets us some cute nods towards various things relating to the time of year, including the always fun oni instance, and Moe getting completely into the bean throwing. Going after Poyo with the beans is quite comical since Poyo just can’t deal with it at all and simply panics. Everyone has different ways for dealing with the beans and we see them with some of her brother’s friends as well as nothing goes right. The only one that goes fairly well, at least at first, is Kurobe as her owner doesn’t throw beans at all. But sometimes Kurobe can be the demon herself as a cat. The different methods are certainly cute and I’ll even say that I’d be game for an entire episode of Moe just chasing after Poyo throwing beans at the cat. Read More...



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