Poyopoyo Episode #07 Anime Review

Poyopoyo takes a bit of a relaxed approach to this episode in comparison to some recent ones where it’s filled with wacky material and everyone acting out in a big way. And that’s good to bring into the show at times so that it’s not just a constant quick blur of action that overwhelms. This time around the focus is more on Kurobe, though he’s not on screen as much. Confusion abounds as the weather has changed and a ton of snow has fallen and everyone gets confused when looking at the cats as they don’t see the real cats. A snow covered pumpkin? Yeah, that’s Poyo. At least the old lady has an excuse thinking a tire is Kurobe since she’s half blind as it is. Poyo’s barely in this episode, even less than Kurobe when you get down to it, as the show opts to focus on Kurobe as he’s gone missing and everyone goes to look for him. It works pretty well as it’s silly and has the human cast trying to find the cat while coming up with every cat but Kurobe. Read More...



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