Poyopoyo Episode #08 Anime Review

Exercising in the winter is definitely hard for people and cats and the games they all play can be pretty weird when you get down to it. While you have things like Moe dressing up Poyo and playing games with her to win cake from her brother, it’s not exactly what a cat or a human needs. When Moe thinks about hitting the gym, it’s comical how she views herself as a super athlete, especially considering the way we first saw her at the start of the series. But we do see that Poyo gets along well in the winter as he abuses the heck out of Hide by jumping all over him, stalking him like prey, and having his own secret base out in the greenhouse where he has his own gig going on. It’s pretty cute seeing how everyone has the things they’re doing and mechanisms for coping in the winter. Read More...



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