Poyopoyo Episode #09 Anime Review

While we don’t have a lot of characters in the show, the ones we have can certainly be funny. Such is the case of Granny and her expression when she wins an overnight trip and invites Moe with her for it. Moe manages to convince Hide to watch Poyo and Kurobe which is pretty cute as the two ladies book it out of th ehouse quickly. And they’re just excited to be out without the cats, though they both do miss the way you have to fight with them over eating your own food. The men on the other hand are struggling with the cats who miss their ladies as they’re pine away. Well, Kurobe does as Poyo just lives on without problem, though Poyo does at least get a cute phone call. It’s Hide you have to feel the worst for since he just gets so caught up in having to deal with the cats that it’s a rough day and night for him. Read More...



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