Poyopoyo Episode #10 Anime Review

It may be sad but it’s true in that most pet owners (hell, most parents!) will find time to sit down with people, friends and strangers, and go on about the kinds of weird things their pets do. This is shown to good effect here as Moe goes on about the comical things that Poyo does which are kind of common to cats, such as scratching things and finding curious places to curl up and sleep. Poyo has a few physical quirks because of his size but he also goes the distance in other areas, such as taking a fish out of the freezer and crunching away at it. Kuro gets some time as well but we also get to see one of Hide’s friends who has a dog and even a hamster named Daifuku thta another has. The weirdest of them all has to be Moe though when you get down to it but that was practically a given from the start. Read More...



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