Poyopoyo Episode #13 Anime Review

With the run through the seasons having come around, it’s now spring time and we get the humans of the cast getting excited about the fresh air and all that it entails. But for the cats, it’s a chance to soak it all in with a wonderful nap. Cutely, they do get Poyo out for some walks, including a mountain hike that leads to showing Poyo getting some very good bugs to eat which makes him happy. While Moe and Hide are into it all, others are going through the routines that are good and bad, with some focusing on getting pets fresh and clean and others dealing with the horrors of allergies and pollen. The cutest bit comes with a bit of a showdown that occurs between Papa and Poyo though when it comes to slippers, which is followed by how Poyo has taken to everyone else’s clothes, including some fun time with Moe’s panties. Read More...



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