Poyopoyo Episode #17 Anime Review

It’s not an easy life for the family but they work hard and are well taken care of. With Papa and Hide doing all the planting, it’s cute to see her bring a treat to them as they finish, only to have Hide so far gone that he tries to chew down on Poyo. Which has to taste awful. Thankfully, Moe has made some good treats, though the sampling process is a bit rough to deal with. Poyo suffers well under things at first as he is the kind of cat that has those moments, but we also see a different side of him towards the end that’s really surprising in a way as he leaps into action to save a kitten. It’s very cute and fun to watch, especially when the dream state of the kitten comes into play and we get Poyo in a super-kitty cape. Read More...



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