Poyopoyo Episode #19 Anime Review

Change is constant in the world and it has its impact on adults and kids but also on animals. What we see here is that while out and about, with Moe, Poyo and Kuro discover a new house being built where the cats used to use the area as a playground. Of course, they love the construction itself since it gives them plenty of places to play, though not all of them are exactly safe. There is some cuteness in how all the cats sing and play in the house as it’s being built, but Poyo takes a wrong turn during the adventure at one point and ends up in a truly sticky situation. The expressions are priceless, both for him and Kuro, as well as Hide when he arrives on the scene and can’t help but to take lots of pictures. It’s just so, so accurate. Papa gets to have a good moment here as well but it’s Poyo that really steals the show for this episode. Read More...



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