Poyopoyo Episode #20 Anime Review

While a lot of the show focuses on Poyo and what he gets into, it’s definitely an ensemble cast overall and the humans are just as interesting as the animals. Being a dad myself, I love watching Papa here and seeing how he reacts to events here, especially when it comes to his daughter. She gets into a bit of an odd situation here that makes you laugh at the potential of breeding Poyo and the kinds of offspring that could come from it, which is just beyond adorable. Bit Hude is kind of all over the map here with emotions and she even gets all up in things when it comes to what Poyo can get into over at Yuka’s yard because Yuka is having a hard time thinking that Poyo is even a cat. There’s a bit of wordplay weirdness going on with this part, which has its moments as we see different versions of how Poyo can be interpreted and viewed, leading to some utterly adorable imagery. Read More...



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