Poyopoyo Episode #26 Anime Review

Sometimes weird things find a life of its own, such as the amusing opening bit that has Poyo looking like a bit of food when a picture is taken of him, causing a Poyo bento style image to form. Food is a big part of Poyo’s life but also just life in general, so we get some fun in seeing Moe doing a bit of cooking, which leads to some Poyo shaped treats to be made and some other cute bits where Poyo could be helpful, but the fact that he’s a cat means that he can’t. The whole Poyo-jijimi food aspect is particularly hilarious, especially since it’s far from a professional end result. Moe’s attempts at dealing with food showcases someone with her own quirks to be sure, especially when it comes to hot stuff, and you really have to feel for Hide. Read More...



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