True Blood “Sunset” Review

Oh True Blood, you were making such improvements this season and then you had to go and ruin it with those fairies again. I will try to replace the fairies with the image of a shirtless Alcide.

Season 5 of True Blood continued this week with "Sunset," which could have also been referred to as "Two Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" or the "Lilith (Af)Fair." As I’ve suspected all along, Lilith’s blood is like bath salts for vampires. A few swigs of it and you start hearing voices and become infatuated with grandiose ideas of being "the chosen one," both of which can lead you to irrational and violent behavior. Although Bill didn’t exactly eat anyone’s face off, he insisted that Jessica make Jason a vampire, killed Kibwe for daring to say that Lilith chose him and then brutally knocked Jessica around for daring to defy his orders. Read More... 


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