Grey's Anatomy 614: Valentine's Day Massacre-A Mushy Person's Cry

2 hours before the ABC East airs, and I cannot wait.

I am a hopeless romantic. I love romance, angst, drama, and happily ever afters.

Precisely why when I read somewhere early January that Grey's Anatomy will be having a Valentine's Day episode (the first one in six years--it never existed before now LOL), I was literally jumping up and down in my room and started counting down!

People would probably ask why I am so into Grey's Anatomy: at work, I keep on talking about it; to my friends, I babble a lot.


It's a great release to an everyday struggle, providing both comic and romantic relief. Perhaps even an indirect solution to problems. It surely affects its viewers invariably in different ways. Since I'm on firing squad (again) this Valentine's, Grey's Anatomy is truly a blessing to me.

Talk about living vicariously.

I'm really hoping to see more romance between our beloved couples. In sneak previews (thanks to whoever uploaded it), I'm already very giddy. Spoiler alert! Plenty of cuteness , adorableness, awesomeness, as Krista Vernoff puts it.

Ooohh a double date! The twisted sisters have their conniving significant others plan a dinner. That's what you don't get to see everyday in Meredith and Cristina's lives. Finally, these two dark ladies find their way into the light, the ever-after light =) It just sucks that they have to be drawn back to work because of an emergency. I guess that's the downside of having a husband (Post-it or otherwise) who manages the entire surgical department. Derek looks very handsome though. I like his hair worn like that. I like him. Period. Could he be mine? LOL.

Whatever happened to Mark? He may be a dad and soon to be grandfather but he is single and available and gets back in touch with his manwhore days. Too bad that the first girl he hits on turned out to be a very blonde, very who's-the-new-chick, very much JUST LEXIE! His reaction when she turned around was PRICELESS! I love the funny Mark. It's refreshing. And I keep on loving his friendship with Callie every week. They are the best work couple ever! I want me a Mark too =)

As for Lexie, it seems that she's hooking up with Karev, for whatever reason, I do not know. As for Richard Webber, I hope he does well in the rehabilitation center so he can come back soon and be the Chief again! He was so good at it you really want him to stay (when he does sober up).

Back to sweetness, our Peds-Ortho couple seem sweeter and stronger than ever. They're really cute together because they complement each other and infect each other (and others, namely Bailey!) with child-like demeanor! With one wanting to be cupid for Bailey and the other just plain gossip-lover, they make the perfect matchmakers! I can't wait for Arizona to succeed in making Bailey-Gasman work. Ooooh!!! I can see a date! And Bailey??? She is just the cutest thing ever! Even the Nazi blushes when asked out by a hunk she likes.

Enough pre-episode babbling. I'm sure you are as excited as I am! I'm off to school! I'll catch you later fellow Grey'ss addicts!


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