'Breaking Bad' episode 506 - 'Buyout': The empire business

After last week's action-heavy episode, "Breaking Bad" slowed the pace Sunday (Aug. 19) for an episode that was mostly about characters sitting around and talking -- though the conversations were so fraught and tense that "Buyout" was just about the equal of "Dead Freight" in terms of tension.It was also incredibly revealing, particularly Walt and Jesse's conversation before the most uncomfortable family dinner since "American Beauty." Both Jesse and Mike, in the wake of Todd shooting the kid who witnessed their methylamine heist, are looking to get out of the business and want to sell the chemical, netting a cool $15 million windfall. Walt, though, is adamant that they keep cooking, noting that $15 million is a fraction of what they can make by using all of it to make meth.But, Jesse wonders, if Walt just wants his family to be taken care of if his cancer comes back, and the sale will mean he,...



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