Breaking Bad 5.06 'Buyout' Recap

Breaking Bad 5.06 'Buyout' Recap

After a major mishap last week, Jesse and Walt are left to pick up the pieces and deal with the fallout from Todd's fatal snap decision. But even when a decision is made, the tension hits the crew hard and business will never be the same in 'Buyout'.

The cleanup crew

This week's cold open consisted of Walt, Todd, and Mike dealing with the aftermath of last week's fatal shooting of a curious young kid that happened upon their train heist. With no way of knowing how much he actually saw, Todd acted and shot him in the face. Breaking Bad has a fascination with immediate after-math that not many other shows share and we were shown the disassembling of the dirt-bike until it's nothing but useless spare parts and then pure melted refuse. We weren't shown the actual disposal of the body but as Walt hauled out another barrel and Todd sifted the boy's hand from the dirt we could be sure of what happened next. Jesse stayed away from the cleanup procedure and Todd went over to try to commiserate with him. "S*** happens" wasn't acceptable to Jesse for the death of a child so he decked Todd in the face before the credits rolled. This is clearly a tension that's going to be around for the rest of the season. Credit is due to the choice of music for the scene as it made the destruction of the bike as grisly and unsettling an act as the next thing they would be obliterating. Read More...


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