The Newsroom Review: Clear Out the Clown Car

Matt Richenthal had to take the night off and has graciously allowed me to cover one of my favorite shows of the summer, although the following review may make you question that statement.

I love The Newsroom when it deals with the behind the scenes issues of a newsroom.  Last week's dissection of Nancy Grace was riveting. I couldn't look away. It's when the show focuses on the relationships that it loses me.

"The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate" had it's strong points. The mock debate was great fun and a wonderful dream, although completely idealistic.  But why didn't they propose having this type of debate when both sides come together in the Presidential debates?  I know within the time frame of this story, mocking the Republican candidates made sense but why not point out that if one side submitted to this kind of scrutiny the other side would be forced to do the same? Read More...


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