The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Marital Grape

My mom and I are in the Superfresh checkout line. We see a tabloid featuring Teresa Giudice on the cover.

Hey, that's the show I recap.

What is that? She looks simian.

On that note, we're still not in Sonoma.

If you were wondering whether this show could possibly get any more abhorrent, Tre asks Joe Giudice if she can bribe him to smile for a photo with some ass play. This is how she looks when she says it. He does not seem amused. Immediately, we recap Jacqueline and Teresa's fight and recon conversation. Remember that time they had that fight? Melissa is trying to talk sense into Tre about how magazine covers Actually Affect Us All, and it isn't working. Tre maintains her innocence, and says that she and Jacqueline are in a better place now. Melissa then says that now that it's settled, Tre can just have fun and doesn't have to "think so hard." Was that ever a problem? Read More...


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