'True Blood' Recap: 'Sunset'

Vampire behavioral science and setup work for next week's season-ender were the name of the game in this week's episode of "True Blood," as most of the cast converges on Authority headquarters for the grand finale.

Hive-minded idealists
Bill's rapid evolution from sensitive gentleman to power-hungry Lilith freak is one of the weirdest things to happen this season... and apparently, we're not the only ones who think so. Jessica, newly arrived at Authority headquarters, is shocked to see how her maker has changed. Her pleas to return to Bon Temps to warn Sookie and Jason of the Russell threat fail to sway him, and when she tries a bluff that appeals to Bill's newfound faith (giving Jason Stackhouse the gift of fangs), he calls her out with sneering superiority and sends her out to make good on it. Read More...



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