Hell's Kitchen: Down to the Final Five

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen, the moment much of America has been waiting for the entire season finally arrived:  Robyn was eliminated from the competition.  Hallelujah.  So what finally brought down this player that seemingly should have left weeks ago? Salad….seriously.

The final 6 contestants started the evening off merry enough, determined to take down Chef Ramsay’s challenging team composed of former Hell’s Kitchen runners-up.  Christina and Clemenza enjoyed a good amount of smack talking about the former contestants and all six seemed to have their game faces on for the night’s dinner service.  The returning runners-up started strong, presenting Chef Ramsay with perfect appetizers.  The current contestants in the blue kitchen looked poised to do the same, however, just when they thought they’d given Robyn a station that even she couldn’t mess up, she did just that.  Chef Ramsay angrily sent under dressed salads back to her cold app station warning her that it should not happen again. Read More...



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