'Bachelor Pad': They say that love, it don't come easy


Before we jump into the show tonight, faithful readers and "Bachelor Pad" fans, we must draw your attention to this interview we did with Chris last week in case you missed it. His lack of self-awareness is staggering. Not only does he think his stringing along of multiple women "part of the game" (it's not), but he thought Jamie would give him a hug before she let last week. A HUG, you guys. He's lucky he didn't get punched in the throat.Blakeley sums it up nicely in the opening few frames when she calls him "the s*** on the bottom of my shoe." But then Stagliano hilariously one-ups her with, "Chris is taking up all the a**hole space in the house." Kalon tells Chris the truth -- he's a loose cannon that nobody likes and he won't listen to anyone (because he has the emotional maturity of a 10-year-old). And so Chris decides he has...



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