Grimm 2.02 "The Kiss" Review

When "To Be Continued" flashed at the end of the second season premiere of Grimm, right as the vicious Mauvais Dentes was pouncing on Nick after luring him to an abandoned warehouse, I admittedly had mixed feelings. After getting over my initial frustration that came about solely for selfish purposes and wanting to see what happened next, my thoughts came down to two things: inventiveness vs. cohesion. Grimm taking a chance and continuing to build arcs rather than pure standalone episodes with mythology cobbled on was a refreshing and necessary step if they plan on growing this season; however a two-parter that didn't air together is a little more risky than you might think. You have to have the episode be able to stand on its own while continuing in the footsteps of the first part, bringing about a little closure while setting things up for the next run of episodes. Read More...


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